Which Lawyer?

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Unfortunately there are many times in life where you will find yourself in a situation where you need legal help. And where that isn’t a nice thing to think about, it can be a very real event that happens. Whether that’s a criminal offence, a divorce or something equally as horrible. But not everyone knows the ins and outs of the law world and each different type of lawyer available. So here are some of the more common ones needed.


We’ll start with the one mentioned previously; divorce. Nobody ever plans on needing a divorce lawyer, it’s not the goal when you’re planning your wedding day, or dreaming about the future as a child. But if it happens, then a good divorce lawyer might be what you need to unravel the joint ownerships of property between a married couple.

Criminal Defense

If you ever find yourself standing accused of a criminal offense then you’re going to need a good defense. It’s not up to you to prove that you’re innocent, but for the prosecutor to prove that you’re guilty. A good defense shows the jury who you are and your side of events.

Defense Base Act

defense base act lawyer protects the people who fight for our country. The DBA provides compensation to civilian employees working outside of the US on military bases or under contract with the government. If that has been compromised, then you need someone on your side.


A family lawyer can be a benefit in multiple situations, but most cases revolve around custody agreements. A divorce lawyer could cover this too, but for more complicated situations you might want someone who specialises in helping sort out legal family issues.

Employment and Labour

Anything surrounding breach of contract, whether that is to do with wages, hours, benefits or even something about a nondisclosure or noncompete agreement. A workers union would have a lawyer on speed dial for situations like these, but if you’re not part of a union then you’ll need to reach out yourself.


These accusations can range from fraud to insurance claims, both for the offensive and the defensive.  A finance lawyer can specialise in business, which would be the obvious route if you have a company in trouble. But a finance lawyer can be useful in a multitude of situations.


This one is quite self-explanatory. If you have a business, then you need a business lawyer. They will handle all your affairs, give you advice, and stop you from doing anything stupid.

Estate Planning

An Estate Planning Lawyer makes sure your family dealings are all in order if/when something goes wrong.  Their tasks range from creating trusts for a child’s college fund to drafting a will, so your assets get distributed appropriately to the members of your family when you die.

Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers get involved when you are in a car accident, a doctor misdiagnoses an illness, you had bad side effects from a prescription drug that they didn’t warn you about, you were injured by a defective product, and more. This is probably the most common type of attorney that you see advertising on TV, park benches, bus stops, and everywhere else.

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