What Is The Best Way To Deal With An Angry Customer?

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Even in the pet sitting business, you’re guaranteed to run into an angry customer-or-two. You never just know if you’ll make a mistake or they’ll get the wrong idea about something. It’s important to understand how to deal with these instances when they arrive. Failing to do so could put your new business in jeopardy very quickly. An angry customer likes to spread the word!
In the first instance, it’s important not to adopt a defensive attitude. Your initial reaction will encourage you to stick up for yourself in a time of conflict. However, this will only irate the customer further, even if you haven’t necessarily done anything wrong. Instead, you want to remain calm and take the time to listen to their concerns. A customer’s attitude is much more likely to simmer if they can see that you’re taking their worries seriously.

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But, this isn’t necessarily easy. I could recount a multitude of stories where my pride and stubborn nature got the better of me. It’s easy to become argumentative, even if you didn’t intend to. You’ll regret it later, believe me. To counteract this, it can be beneficial to look at customer service training classes. Even though you’re not operating out of a big building with lots of employees, customer service is still an important focus. Taking the time to understand it properly might just put your chances of success at a much higher level.
Of course, it’s not always clear who is in the wrong in a situation like this. But, let’s say that we’ve established that it’s your fault. You failed to do your duty properly, and you’ll need to learn from your mistakes in the future. But, the customer isn’t content with a willingness to do better on your part. They want something rectified, and they want assurances that it won’t happen again. In this case, it’s very important to determine exactly what the customer wants, and whether you can provide it. Don’t make false promises, as this can serve to make the problem even worse later on.

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Once you’ve come to a resolution about how to proceed, move quickly. The customer has already lost trust in your ability to carry out effective pet sitting, and you need to reestablish it. If you can’t do that almost instantly, you’ll lose them forever. However, a willingness for a quick turnaround and marked improvement will showcase your intent to them. You might still lose them as a customer, but they won’t be as likely to spread the bad word around.
Also, you’ve got a little extra leeway when it comes to phone conversations. If you’re on the end of a verbal beating, it can be tough to take. However, smiling while you talk is just one way to effectively calm the situation. Also, don’t be afraid to hit that mute button while you gain your composure for a few seconds. Use callbacks as a way of biding time to find an effective solution to their issues.
Everyone has to deal with angry customers. Don’t worry about it! Learn from your mistakes and move on.

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