Update: The Long Wait Is Over

Woot! After being idle and lazy for a week I am finally here posting an update. I should have posted this blog post few days ago but because I more want to lurk in other blogs than posting an update here this post is long overdue.

Anyway, as I have promised I will be posting another photo of the hauls I’ve purchased from Smashing Glam Fairies own by a blogger friend living in the United States of America and manage by her sisters (if I remember it right). As I mentioned in my previous post it took me six months before I can take hold the items. Just to make it clear, Smashing Glam Fairies is not of fault for the delay, it was actually the cargo that shipped the package from the US to the country. And because I only reserved (no payment involve) the items there is no harm done on my part. The excitement of having the items was just pre-empted though.

Anyway, you can check their facebook page. I can attest they have original and authentic products. I am looking forward for my next purchased which will be next year. I will be buying stuff for the little one.


  1. i checked their facebook page and indeed they have awesome items! thanks for sharing

  2. Ganda ng kulay ng nail polish sis!

  3. I want that in my stash sis.. hehehe.. 🙂

  4. Lovely watch. I am checking their FB page. 😀

  5. hurray, after the long wait you are now enjoying your stuff

  6. Hi, SMR. You mean if you don’t pay the customs charges they will keep your parcel for 6 months?

  7. Ahhh okay, no payment pa naman pala. If that was me kasi and I already paid in advance, baka hiningi ko na yung pera ko 2 weeks delayed pa lang. hehe. 🙂

  8. love the color sis…hot red right?..
    reminds me to manicure my nails…

  9. The important thing now is you have the products which I believe you are enjoying although delays can be very frustrating really.

  10. Those are great finds. Love the nail polish!

  11. Great product and items. I hope there will be much more faster shipping and processing.

  12. I’ll check out the FB page later. And I still love the nail polish. 🙂

  13. I love the color of your nails. It suits your color 🙂
    I don’t have a white watch yet. I guess I have to include that on my bucket of wish list.
    Me too, I’m so lazy to update my blogs 🙁 Spirit of holidays kasi hehehe!

    CE 11/27

  14. love the color.. will check their FB page later

  15. I just checked their fb page, an they really do have fabulous items :))

  16. Did the cargo course through the customs? Some of my friends who receives packages from abroad encountered lots of problem with the customs and the post office here in the Philippines. Some items were not there and sometimes they charge way to high without receipt.

    Anyway great items!

  17. love the shade. nde sya ganun kasakit sa mata. 🙂

  18. These are great finds and the polish really looks great. I think one will never go wrong with red nail polish!

  19. I also experienced the delayed packages due to cargo.And sad to say, it’s more than 3 years my packages were not yet delivered up to this time.Good for you,you can now enjoy your products.

  20. great items. At last your long wait is over. The items reached you even it took so long.

  21. We have something in common sis! The nail polish color and the white watch! Nice stuff you have there! 🙂

  22. I love your nail polish color! Will be checking out their FB page. I love checking online sites. Mas sulit.

  23. the polish looks great…red hot

  24. That is a really lovely nail color. Will check out what other items they have for sale

  25. Gorgeous finds! Worth the wait! Love the nail polish, I’m addicted to that shade as well.

  26. You waited 6 months? Wow, you are one patient woman.

  27. At least kahit mejo na delay your are enjoying your stuff now 🙂

  28. red nails will always be perfect.. 🙂 checked their facebook page! 🙂

  29. The nail polish is perfect for the Christmas season. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your other hauls!

  30. the red nail polish is such a chic color especially its a holiday season now. I will check the fb page in a.while to see what other stuffs they have.

  31. great loot!
    i like your white watch

  32. That red polish is perfect for Christmas! The peach capris look good on you. I also bought some clothes in that shade lately, it’s so feminine and trendy.

  33. I’ll check their FB page in awhile… been dying to buy something for me this Christmas 🙂

  34. It sure makes me nervous when stuff bought online had not been shipped yet or had encountered problems with the courier.

  35. I love the color! What kind of red is it?

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