Unofficially Open

Finally my second blog post for this blog, apologize if it took me few days before I can update this blog.

To start with, I have another reason to smile from ear to ear as I have another baby to maintain and hopefully start earning when the right time comes. I could not find a nice theme to use here. I have been searching for free theme but to no avail. Oh well, I find one of my like but I am hesitant to download the theme as I read somewhere that there are codes in the free themes that would allow the hackers to hack information. So for now, I shall settle with this theme and hopefully I can afford to buy a customize theme for this blog and for my other blog, the soonest.

Anyway this blog is unofficially open to the public. Why I say so? It’s because I haven’t introduce this blog to the blogosphere, yet. Hopefully I can do it tomorrow. As much as I want to do it now but I more want to dose off to bed as I am getting sleepy.

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