Tired And Sleepy

As much as I want to stay longer to do my thing online I am very sleepy that I can’t open my eyes. Apart from being sleepy I am a bit tired. So just imagine yourself being tired and sleepy, you surely feel what I am feeling right now. And, that is having a hard time making a review. I still have unfinished tasks in my dashboard. Hopefully, I can do few of if later today if not early tomorrow.

On the other hand, I’d like to share an update regarding my recent purchase online. It’s been a week but I haven’t received the parcel of my orders. It’s my first Zalora experience and I am a bit disappointed. With this experience I doubt if there will be next time (shopping with Zalora).

I will be making another post about my experience when I get the parcel, hopefully tomorrow.


  1. I can relate hehehe… I know the feeling because I am always in that situation every night.

  2. sleep soundly ZZZZZzzzzz

  3. I hope your parcel arrives soon. I get that feeling too, sleepy and tired that you could just pass out in the nearest bed. I am mostly like that during my pregnancy.

  4. I’ve been sleeping and resing for 4 days bcoz i was sick. So I would lke to do more and be prductive more in the coming days. pambawi. 🙂

    I didn’t shop at Zalora yet. It’s always been Romwe for me because of my coupo. 🙂

  5. I have not shop at Zalora yet, hope to try it soon. 🙂

  6. That happens to me too.. involuntary closing of my eyes because of being too sleepy. Hope you sort things out with Zalora. 🙂

  7. Yeah, I feel you. This week has been a tired and busy one. That’s why this weekend I wanna sleep the whole afternoon, and I eventually did. 🙂 Just relax and have some rest.

  8. Buying online is always a risk even these days. I myself haven’t tried it except for buying make up from multiply and those sellers can easily be texted or called.

  9. I am feeling this now and to think I have to catch up on our Commex

  10. Sad to hear that you’ve waited a week and your Zalora parcel hasn’t arrived. Have you tried following up with their hotline? I had a very smooth experience when I ordered from them.

  11. have a goodnight sleep.:)

  12. I always feel tired and sleepy but I have many MTOs so I really to stay up late at night to beat the deadline.

  13. same here 🙂 the earliest that I go to bed is 11:30pm…

  14. So did your package arrive? I am seriously considering shopping at Zalora. Delivery time should be within a day to two days only though cuz it’s local.

  15. I’m always tired and sleep these days too. I haven’t been sleeping enough for no reason these days. I just can’t sleep, and I feel so worn out.
    Anyway, I have read from one blog before that Zalora delivers fast. I considered buying there pa naman. I hope you get your parcel soon. Wait is always agonizing.

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