The Very Best Places To Host A Business Meeting

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Hosting a business meeting isn’t as simple as you might think. I hate to put the pressure on, but a meeting can dramatically affect the relationship with those involved. It can make acquaintances. It can present opportunities. It can ruin acquaintances. It can ruin opportunities. It’s very important that you get this right, and it all starts with the venue.

Your Office. The first and most obvious consideration is to host the meeting at your office. You might already have a dedicated meeting room for the purpose, or you might have to create a makeshift one. If you’re going to host the meeting here, be sure to prepare ahead of time. So, think about refreshments, technology requirements (and backup plans) and more. And please, make sure the place is tidy! You could always look to office cleaning services to make sure you make a good impression.

Coffee Shop. If you’re thinking of hosting your meeting at a coffee shop, you’re going to need it to be an informal one. This is never a good venue when you need to be utilising technology extensively. Instead, think of the coffee shop as a relaxed location to network in a casual setting.
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Virtual Meeting. Nowadays, a lot of businesses are looking to the idea of virtual meetings as a replacement for traditional ones. This option offers a whole host of benefits that can make it much easier for you to create a good impression. As long as you’re equipped with the right software and a webcam, it’s very easy to connect multiple people over the web. It cuts down on transportation costs and allows clients from across the world to get involved.

Hired Offices. If you’re still working out of a small space with no possible way of hosting an event yourself, you can look to hired spaces. There are companies across the UK that offer offices and meeting rooms to be hired on an hourly or daily basis. Again, this takes a lot of pressure out of your hands but obviously, comes with the downside of cost. Look around, however, and you might just find a good deal to take advantage of. Don’t forget to question about parking for your clients, too!
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Schools, Colleges & Universities. If you look around, you might just find educational establishments offering their disused rooms for meeting purposes. Yet again, this is a form of a hired space, but it can often come with additional benefits. Most educational environments come with a range of tech that you can utilise, such as projectors and whiteboards. This makes it a perfect environment for your meeting…as long as there aren’t any screaming kids around!

Golf. Do you know how many business deals have been made on the golf course over the years? The answer is a lot. While this is obviously not the setting for your traditional meeting, it’s a great informal method of doing business. This sort of thing is normally reserved for acquaintances who know each other well, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Gauge the scenario before suggesting this.

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