The Long Wait Is Over

..I finally get hold of my online purchase.

I finally had a chance to post some update today. I’ve been busy running errands and assisting my younger sister in the past couple of days. Now, that my nephew was discharge from hospital I have more time doing my thing online. I do have some late sharing to do.

Anyway, few months ago I have reserved few stuff from an online store own by an online friend living in the US. The store is managed by her sister who is living in the country. The time when I reserve the items the package was on transit then but for some reasons I took six months before the package arrived. I was hopeless already but last week I got a message that my order is ready to ship.

Photos grab from the seller, Smashing Glam Fairies

My order includes:
White women’s rubber- strap chronograph fashion watch, Orange Arizona Crop, Red Carpet Sally Hansen nail polish and Victoria Secret Perfume and Minty Lip shine.

I have tried the nail polish to my mother and sister earlier today and I love the color. I will be posting photos of me wearing the items I’ve purchased on my next post.


  1. woah! can you tag what store is that? I love hauls!

  2. Good that you already received your items. Excited to seen the photos in your next posts.

  3. I love buying online too cuz there are so many amazing deals, especially on Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

  4. Wow 6 months is a very long wait for your purchases, but the important thing is they arrived. 🙂

  5. Glad they’re all with you. The uncertainty of receiving items we purchased is one deterrent for me from purchasing overseas.

  6. At least your purchase arrive how ever late it may be. Enjoy your new blessings.

  7. Half a year’s definitely a long wait. Glad to hear that you can enjoy your purchases now, 😀

  8. Buying online is the best! Have to be sure spending is under control though 🙂

  9. nice purchases! at least it arrived than never.. 🙂

  10. Why the long wait? Can I ask what courier you used?

  11. Six months is a long wait but Its great you have your goodies now. I also make. Few online shopping for bb creams in korea naman:) very convenient.

  12. I definitely want that nail colors.. 🙂

  13. Wow! 6 months? I might have thought I was scammed already.heheh But I wouldn’t lose hope also especially if the seller is communicating and updating me.

  14. Wow…6 months is a long wait. Glad that your orders finally reached your hands.

  15. Drooling over those nail polish set of yours… waaaaahhh!!! Congrats on your loots.

    CE 11/20

  16. 6 months? wow! that’s scary. haha. but better late than never. 🙂

  17. congrats, enjoy those stuffs

  18. It is like receiving early Christmas presents!

  19. I love Sally Hansen nail polish. They are quite expensive here I am able to get them when they’re in sale 🙂

  20. I like shopping online because it feels like receiving gifts when it is delivered at home. It feels like Christmas morning as you unwrap the packages. 🙂

  21. wow.. 6 months is such a long wait! But at least finally you have them. Looking forward to your next post on the items you’ve already tried!

  22. I love buying beauty stuff from online stores! They are such a steal.

  23. Super tagal naman. Still it’s better late than never. 🙂

    Mommy Maye

  24. I’m scared of buying stuffs online. I’m glad that your package came after half a year of waiting!

  25. It’s good you finally got hold of the items even if it was way delayed. I guess that happens a lot of times with overseas transactions. I hope next time would be a smoother transaction.

  26. That’s the downside of buying online. You have to wait long time for the goods to arrive but there’s a lot of advantages also so online shopping is still worth a try.

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