The Launching Of Another Blog

I am in my best mood to update all my blogs but my internet connection is in the highest point to ruin my mood. I have been disconnected for countless time since this morning, well, since yesterday. I am using BayanDSL; I have not experience a lot of problem regarding my connection for the past few years not until few months ago. The technician figured what my problem is and I don’t know if they have solution to my connection problem. When it’s raining my connection is messing up. I should have all the customer service but I opt not to since I don’t have any problem with its not raining. But when rainy season comes I don’t have any choice but to call for the technician’s attention.

I have mentioned in my other blog that I will be launching a new blog. A travel and foodie blog, it’s on propagation process, it might take 24-48 hours before I can start posting. I hope this blog will be as lucky as my other blogs.

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