The Key To A Great Business? Staff Satisfaction

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Your staff members are your brand ambassadors and the best advertising you get. They speak to their family, friends, and basically anyone who asks, about their job, and the way they speak about work is the root of the opinions of your company that all of these people hold. If they go home from work upset, frustrated or disillusioned, that attitude reflects directly on your company to everyone they meet. They’re also your most crucial investment – hiring and training are huge drains on resources, so you want to keep your staff retention rate as high as possible, and how do you think you do that? Well, you keep your staff happy of course! And here’s how:
Keep them in the loop
If someone spends upwards of eight hours a day working on a project or serving customers, they’re going to want to feel as though they’re part of the decision-making process that determines their day to day lives. Having new projects sprung on them with no semblance of consultation can make a worker feel undervalued, as though they’re treated more like a robot than a human being. Even in larger companies, ensuring they’re kept in the look and consulted on upcoming changes makes them feel valued as a member of the team, and guarantees loyalty further down the line. And you never know, they might be bursting with great ideas that they’re just dying to share with you.
Keep it legal
There are many legal human uresources guidelines to make employing staff easier and fairer for both of you. It ensures that can’t ever be treated unfairly by working too many hours, being given too few breaks, or dismissed without reason. But it also allows you to ensure staff safety and happiness is put first. If you’re ever unsure about any of the legal guidelines surrounding employment law, be sure to contact an HR consultancy firm for advice – it’s completely worth it to make sure all of your systems are above board, and you’re not flouting any laws.
Allow them to further their interests
Treat your staff as individuals and allow their interests and specialties to shine through, and you’ve got yourself a great worker. Each employee will display different strengths and weaknesses, and the sign of a great manager is someone who can recognize these personal strengths and encourage them. Their job satisfaction goes through the roof, and you end up with a stronger and more rounded team structure, so everyone’s a winner.
Reward them
When your team achieves something great, or you’ve just made it to the end of a particularly stressful and trying project, be sure to reward them. Say thanks for their hard work, and make sure that each individual knows they were needed. A sense of pride in their work is fostered by recognition for previous work, so rewards and praise should be ongoing. Team morale is also boosted by staff reward parties, so make sure you have a night out together occasionally.
Your staff members are your best means of advertising and your most important investment, so treating them well really is the key to a fantastic and successful business.

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