The Blessing Of Our Home And Taking Care Of It As A Single Mom

Being a good homemaker is being able to deal with all the little day to days things in life that make it worthwhile. It’s looking after those around you, feeding them, and making sure they have clean clothes and someone to go to when they have a problem. But we often forget what a blessing our actual homes are.

There are many people in this world that are not blessed with a solid brick and mortar house to live in. So it is our responsibility to look after our place of residence. Read on for some tips on how you can do this, even if you are a single parent family.

Single Parents

Being a single parent is tough because there is no division of labour. It’s all you. The emotional side, the chores, the happiness and everything else. It is a lot to have on your plate, and it can be easy to let certain things slide, especially if we don’t feel comfortable doing them. In particular, it can be tough keeping ourz homes well maintained. But simplifying the tasks can help us stay on top of them.

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If you aren’t to green-fingered, it can be more of a chore than a delight to get out in the garden. If this is the case and you don’t derive much pleasure from the act of gardening, it’s best to keep you garden simple and manageable.

If you have a lawn, keep it small so it’s not too much to mow. A deck or porch provides a nice area to sit with the family, and you only need to sweep it occasionally to keep it in tip top condition.

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Foliage and flowers can be difficult to stay on top of too. Pick evergreens which look good all year round, and mean you don’t have to dig up the beds every year and replace them with new items. Alpine plants are also a good bet if it doesn’t get too hot where you live. This is because they are very hardy and they need hardly any tending at all to thrive.


The roof can be another job that tends to get left for last. This is partly because we can’t easily see it in its entirety. It is also partly due to the risks involved with working at height.

The best way to look after your roof is to take a preventive attitude. Keep it in good condition and check for loose tiles before you go into the colder months. If your’s looks shabby, then get a roof quote from a local company to see how much it will be to repair or install a new one. You will certainly be grateful for it when winter rolls around.

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As a large proportion of them are high up, it can be easy to put off clearing the guttering until it becomes a real problem.

The issue with gutters is that they can easily become blocked with falling leaves and sometimes even birds nests. This then stops the rain water draining properly away from your home and can lead to nasty dirty marks on the exterior and damp on the inside.

For a low maintenance, solution install gutter guards, which protect the flow of rainwater so it doesn’t get backed up. Or you can use a telescopic cleaner so you get to have your feet firmly on the ground while you clean them out

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