Thankful For The Blessing

Undoubtedly this blog needs an update. The down side of maintaining multiple blogs, I sometimes forget which blog is updated and which one is not.

Anyway, I’ve been busy lately in between my tasks and doing some offline errands. Few days ago I manage to buy few stuff for the little one, nephew and for myself. I thank the boyfriend for providing our needs although there are times that I am acting like a bitch girlfriend. Online blessing seems to pour this week at my end. I am very much thankful to the Provider for all the blessings that he bestowed upon me.

On the other note, I will be running some offline errands today. Hopefully, when I get back I can finish my undone tasks that has been lurking in my all time favorite pay to blog dashboard.


  1. I can relate, sometimes having multiple blogs can be so much work. But sometimes, it’s the only way for us to get more tasks and moolah! I need an update on my blog too and hoping you can too!

  2. you have a loving boyfriend 🙂 take it easy with your errands and don’t tire yourself out

  3. i feel you.:) I am a little overwhelmed with how to maintain a blog. i was ok with maintaining one before not that i got two it’s a little too much. i hope i will get used to this.

  4. Mine too needs some update. like you said we are still thankful of all the blessings that life and this blog has to bring.

  5. God is really good….:) haPPY BLOGGING!

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