Taking The Next Step: How To Know If The Time Is Right

Many couples rush into marriage with disastrous consequences. Indeed, statistics show that around 50% of partners in the US will get a divorce at some point. That is terrible, and it’s something we should all work towards changing. Most of those couples got married too soon. They got distracted by the excitement of finding someone special, and those people didn’t use common sense. With that in mind, there is a short guide on this page that should help to let couples know when the time is right. People shouldn’t get married until they can place a tick next to all the points below.

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You’ve been on long vacations alone

Before people go out and purchase diamond engagement rings, it’s sensible to arrange some long holidays together. Lots of couples think they know each other well, but they’ve never spent considerable periods of time alone. So, don’t make that mistake, and head off into the sunset for a while. Being alone with someone else is a brilliant way to work out if both partners are well suited. Cracks can begin to show, and sometimes that’s a good indication that marriage isn’t the best route forwards. Here are some excellent couple’s vacation ideas:

  • Wild camping in the wilderness
  • Sunbathing in St Lucia
  • Sailing the coast in a yacht

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You’ve lived together for more than a year

In the traditional sense, couples aren’t supposed to live together until after they get married. However, hundreds of years of heartache shows us that method doesn’t work. So, it’s important to break from tradition and move in together for at least twelve months. People who do that will soon discover if they can handle their partner’s quirks long-term. They will also learn more about the dynamics of the relationship. For instance, most people don’t want to get married to someone who will make them do all the work. So, either:

  • Buy a house
  • Rent an apartment
  • Or spend the time traveling together

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You trust each other 100%

Trust is the most important aspect of all loving relationships. People who don’t trust each other are never going to have a happy marriage. Warning signs to consider include:

  • A partner who cheats
  • A partner who disappears
  • A partner who has skellingtons in the closet

Of course, different people will have different ideas of what trust means. Some folks are happy with open relationships where loved ones are allowed to stray. Whatever the situation, it’s vital for both partners to discuss their perspective ahead of time. That way, the chances of anyone getting hurt should decrease.

Readers should make sure they never rush into a marriage without first ticking all the points made above. It’s also sensible to discuss plans for the future before popping the question. For example, many marriages end because one partner doesn’t want to have children but the other does. It’s easy to avoid situations like that if people in a relationship learn to communicate openly. So, people should consider the information from this page and avoid making rash decisions when it comes to marriage. That is how they build a union that will stand the test of time.

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