Excited For My Order

As of this typing I am still waiting for the stuff I have purchased from Zalora last week.  After ranting about the problem I encounter about the voucher code I finally succeed in my second attempt.  What I do is leave the site and comeback after few hours and viola I successfully use the code :). Who would not want to have this thing  in discounted price? More so if its more than 50% less on its original price? I am pretty sure you will grab the good offer like I did.

I will finally have you Alberto wedge 🙂

The first thing that attracts me to buy the wedge is the color, blue is one of my favorite color.   Another reason is I have been eyeing a new wedge since the wedge I own is of no use, already. And there is no way I could fix it without ruining the style. So getting a new one is the only choice I have. Aside from the wedge I also get myself a bangle it’s a bit expensive compared to the bangles I usually see on the nearest mall but because it get along with the wedge I decided to buy it. Well, it so happen that yellow is also my favorite color. I cant just let the opportunity pass of having an accessory with my favorite color.

blue and yellow bangles

Too bad I could not buy something for the little one for the simple reason that I am not sure his size. I might buy something that is too big or too small for his size.

Photo grab from Zalora website

I Want You Alberto…


For some reason I seldom shop online, when I shop online I make sure that I know the seller. We all know the scammer is allover and I don’t want to be a victim of those. But I am certified impulsive buyer. I buy whenever I find something that is nice to my eyes regardless if the item would be nice if I have it on hand. Just like today, I was browsing Zalora website, well, I have been doing that for the past couple of days when I don’t have anything to do online.

image grab from Zalora

I have been eyeing the wedge from Alberto but because I am saving for the holiday season is opt not to shop, just yet. But this morning is different as I don’t manage to control myself. I sign up and avail of their Php250 voucher code. But for some reason I could not use it upon checking out. I tried few time but I always end a message “I could not use the code and I should try it again sometimes” something like that.. I am disappointed as I want to take advantage this offer.

Anyway, I didn’t pursue my plan. I hope I can avail the voucher code next time I try to check out.