Hello fellow bloggers!

Here I am posting an update and hopefully in a regular basis like three blog post each week.

Anyway, as I compose this blog post I cant seemed to find a good post to share or should I say I cannot put my full attention on what I am writing because of the weather. Its way too hot. The electric fan is of no use because I feel like the wind from it is hot also. It is this time when I truly miss our airconditioner that were broken by typhoon Yolanda. Well, I only hope that the weather will be cooler soon or perhaps the rain will visit us soon.

No Cleaning Since Yolanda

The last time I talked to my Mom I asked her if she already checked our house. We didn’t visit if after we left our house a day after the super typhoon Yolanda. All along I thought my brother started cleaning our home but I was wrong as my Mom told me that my brother hasn’t start cleaning yet because of the bad smell that coming from the bunch of bamboo near our house. They suspect that there is a dead body hiding in the bamboo trees.

Anyway, one thing is for sure a hundreds or even thousands of home owner will need hydrogen peroxide cleaning to clean the dirt that their carper accumulated during the super typhoon. Unlike the other brand available in the market this cleanser is environment friendly. A kind of cleanser that we should use to help save our planet Earth.

Wrap Dress Tutorial

No doubt summer is already here in my other part of the universe. It seems that the weather is getting hotter and hotter each day. Of course I am just over reacting but truly the weather is sometimes not bearable especially if you’re inside the house that is why I am not surprised when I saw people flocking in the mall.

One thing that people usually when summer is going to beach. With this, I want to share this video tutorial that I’ve found online. I am certain that this will be a lot of help to ladies to look fabulous in the beach.

So, how do you find the video? Pretty cool, right?