Christmas Shopping!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Well, I am not yet done but I am almost done. Tomorrow I will meet my younger sister in the city together with my nieces and nephews to buy thier Christmas present from my boyfriend. Last year, I and the boyfriend opted to gave them toys. This year […]

Start Saving Now! Brilliant Ways To Boost Your Holiday Shopping Fund

The holidays are coming, and this means one thing. It’s time to start shopping for those all-important gifts. There’s no doubt that for most, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But it’s also the most expensive. If you’re keen to boost your holiday shopping fund this year, here are some brilliant ideas. […]

To Buy Or Not To Buy

I am thinking on buying a new fair flat since the flat I purchased few months before the strongest typhoon made landfall in our town is already worn out. The Moving Up program of the little big boy is on Saturday yet I am not yet devided whether to buy a new flat or not. […]