New Shoes, It Is!

The little big tot needs a new black shoe. ¬†Well, he can still wear the old one until the school year is over. But he will be attending a wedding this month and is one of entourage. I dont remember if I mentioned in any of my previous blog post that the little big tot […]

New Wallet And Flat

Buying stuff for me cannot be achieved as soon as I want. I am the breadwinner of the family, so before I could buy the thing that I want I shall save for it first. Just recently, I found out that I need a new flat as the flat I bought few months ago is […]

Comfy And Stylish Footwear

When buying shoes I go for quality and comfort. But there are times I just buy something that my eyes find stunning and gorgeous without thinking what will happen to my feet if I wear the shoes for few hours. It happened once, I bought a sandal that is trendy and when I tried wearing […]