Thankful For The Blessing

Undoubtedly this blog needs an update. The down side of maintaining multiple blogs, I sometimes forget which blog is updated and which one is not. Anyway, I’ve been busy lately in between my tasks and doing some offline errands. Few days ago I manage to buy few stuff for the little one, nephew and for […]

Catching Up With Backlogs

It’s more than a week since my last blog post here. This blog surely needs an update. Apart from updating this blog and my other blogs I also have some online tasks to catch up. And, one more thing I am not yet done with CE, I shall finish visiting all the participants before the […]

Reason Why I Am Blogging

Why blog? I don’t know if you ask this question when you were starting your own blog but I do. The reason why I start my blog is to have a site that I can call my own. Funny as it is but when I was in college I have this certain domain written in […]