Thankful For The Blessing

Undoubtedly this blog needs an update. The down side of maintaining multiple blogs, I sometimes forget which blog is updated and which one is not.

Anyway, I’ve been busy lately in between my tasks and doing some offline errands. Few days ago I manage to buy few stuff for the little one, nephew and for myself. I thank the boyfriend for providing our needs although there are times that I am acting like a bitch girlfriend. Online blessing seems to pour this week at my end. I am very much thankful to the Provider for all the blessings that he bestowed upon me.

On the other note, I will be running some offline errands today. Hopefully, when I get back I can finish my undone tasks that has been lurking in my all time favorite pay to blog dashboard.

Catching Up With Backlogs

It’s more than a week since my last blog post here. This blog surely needs an update. Apart from updating this blog and my other blogs I also have some online tasks to catch up. And, one more thing I am not yet done with CE, I shall finish visiting all the participants before the deadline which is on Tuesday. I am glad that I have started visiting the links before I left to my younger sister place so I am sure that I can beat the deadline.

Really, maintaining multiple blogs is not easy especially if you’ve some backlog to catch up. But because I aim to be productive always, I am certain that I will finish everything before the deadline.

Reason Why I Am Blogging

Why blog?

I don’t know if you ask this question when you were starting your own blog but I do. The reason why I start my blog is to have a site that I can call my own. Funny as it is but when I was in college I have this certain domain written in my books and notebooks. But until now I haven’t bought this domain simply because I don’t think it’s a good domain name. Go back to question. As of this typing I have practical reasons why I am still blogging.

There is Money in Blogging

At first I didn’t know nor believe that there is money in blogging. But after getting my first payment through blogging I could not help but smile from ear to ear. I was encourage to make another blog and when I discover that a blog with own domain attract advertisers I decided to give it a try and good thing I did as I start receiving emails from DA’s. There are actually lots of money making strategies related to blogging such putting the Google Adsense and Amazon in your blog sidebar but for some technicalities that I didn’t know the two mentioned strategies didn’t work out in any of my blogs.

With a lots of business owner who opt to market their businesses through the word-of-mouth marketing I don’t see any reason to stop blogging.

There is Freebie in Blogging

Me, wearing a free sunglass from an online store in exchange for a link

Just recently I received a box full of goodies. Nothing beats the excitement when you get to received good quality and expensive products without paying any penny. Joining contest is another way in getting freebies in blogging. Unfortunately I am not lucky when it comes to raffles and contest so one day I feel tired joining the contest hosted by fellow bloggers.

A box full of goodies for free 🙂

Blogging Enhance Writing Skill

Honestly, I didn’t imagine that will have the opportunity to air my thoughts and rants in the World Wide Web more so if it is in English. I admit, I am not confident with my grammar and writing skill but it didn’t stop me from having my own site/blog. When I have time and re-read my previous post during the first year of my blogging journey I would say that I am improving little by little.

Blogging Opens a Lot of Opportunity

Through blogging I’ve meet a lot of mommies from different part of the world. I meet new online friends. I can share my thoughts and rants to the whole world.