Welcome Baby David Ross!

Finally! After few days of waiting baby David Ross finally arrived. I am getting worried he might stay long inside my sister’s tummy, so I asked my sister to visit her doctor for check-up. Now I am more relaxed, hopefully my sister is in a best shape after giving birth. Its her 6th child and the last I hope.


Although I am busy attending the 13th founding anniversary of the school where the little big boy is studying I will be visiting my sister and my nephew.

Welcome to the family Baby David!

A Beautiful Morning

It’s past six o’clock in the morning here at my end. Mr. Sunshine is shining brightly, already. Hopefully it will last all day as my nephew will be discharge from the hospital today. My younger sister decided to stay at home to avoid long travel when they go back to the hospital for the follow up check up.

On the other note, I already email someone from my all-time favorite paying site regarding the approval of this blog. I am keeping my fingers cross that this blog will pass their blog requirements. I need to start earning from this blog. Online earning is not as good few years ago. Well, with a lot of blogs that continue to sprout like mushrooms there is no doubt why online earning is getting slow each year.