Matte Nail Polish

Hurry! I finally had my nail done yesterday. It feels like its been a decade since the last time I had my nail done properly. Seriously, if I remember it right it been two months since the last time I it done. Not that I didn’t my nail done since then. What I mean to […]

My Nails Needs Attention!

It may sound exaggerated but my nails really needs some attention the soonest possible time. If my mind serves me right it’s been more than a month since I had my nail done. It is this time, when I miss those days that I am always eager to do my nails and have it painted […] Is Now PR1

For many months now, I havent checking my blogs pagerank, for a simple reason that I missed working on my blog traffic for a long time, already. I smiled from ear to ear as soon as I found out that this blog has a pagerank of 1. Finally my hardwork for two years was paid […]