My Nails Needs Attention!

It may sound exaggerated but my nails really needs some attention the soonest possible time. If my mind serves me right it’s been more than a month since I had my nail done. It is this time, when I miss those days that I am always eager to do my nails and have it painted with arts. Well, I should call Donna to come over to do my nails instead of waiting for me to do it myself because if I do it my nails will not get the attention they need soon. Is Now PR1

For many months now, I havent checking my blogs pagerank, for a simple reason that I missed working on my blog traffic for a long time, already. I smiled from ear to ear as soon as I found out that this blog has a pagerank of 1. Finally my hardwork for two years was paid off. I only wish that I have more chance of earning good here.

On the other note, I had a chance to visit a beauty salon in the city. I had my nail done. Its been a while since my last visit so I already feel the discomfort of the engroned in my toes. I am glad that the manicurist assigned to me was good so I am a happy customer.

My Nails To Be Pampared nails are already screaming that they need to be pampered soon. It’s been more than three weeks since the last time I visited the salon so no wonder my nails really need to have some cleaning. I hope I didn’t lose my manicure set during the typhoon so could do the cleaning by myself or I wish I have contact number of Donna, the lady who do my nails before the typhoon. But now, I don’t even know her whereabouts.

I hope I could visit the salon in town. It’s already open but I don’t know if they are offering nail cleaning now. I will check it tomorrow.