Matte Nail Polish


I finally had my nail done yesterday. It feels like its been a decade since the last time I had my nail done properly. Seriously, if I remember it right it been two months since the last time I it done. Not that I didn’t my nail done since then. What I mean to say, is the last time I had it done in a salon I was not happy with how they do it. Honestly, the dried skin that need to be taken off is still there. So although I had my nail done twice in two months I still fell I didnt had it.


Gladly the lady who usually come at home to do our nail done is available today.

Wondering how my nail look?



Its my first time to try matte nail polish. And I kinda love it. Guess, I’ll be using this for couple of week. 😊😊

My Nails Needs Attention!

It may sound exaggerated but my nails really needs some attention the soonest possible time. If my mind serves me right it’s been more than a month since I had my nail done. It is this time, when I miss those days that I am always eager to do my nails and have it painted with arts. Well, I should call Donna to come over to do my nails instead of waiting for me to do it myself because if I do it my nails will not get the attention they need soon. Is Now PR1

For many months now, I havent checking my blogs pagerank, for a simple reason that I missed working on my blog traffic for a long time, already. I smiled from ear to ear as soon as I found out that this blog has a pagerank of 1. Finally my hardwork for two years was paid off. I only wish that I have more chance of earning good here.

On the other note, I had a chance to visit a beauty salon in the city. I had my nail done. Its been a while since my last visit so I already feel the discomfort of the engroned in my toes. I am glad that the manicurist assigned to me was good so I am a happy customer.