Asking for Financial Help, It’s Not a Crime and It’s Completely Fine

For some reason, we humans seem to struggle when it comes to the task of asking for financial help. Whether it’s pride getting in the way. Whether it’s a fear of what might be thought of us if we do it. Or whether it’s the fact that we never envisaged ourselves ever actually having to do such a thing. Whatever the reason, there’s something about us humans and asking for financial help that just doesn’t mix. But, if you find yourself in a spot of financial bother, then you might simply have to do it. And if you do, remember it is not a crime and that it is completely fine to do! Read on to see who or what it is completely legal and fine to borrow, or even be gifted, money from.

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Ask those closest to you

If you ever find yourself in the midst of a financial fiasco that is bad enough to warrant you need help, then the first person or people you should turn to are those are closest you, i.e. your family and friends. You should do so because they will not ever want to see you struggle with anything, especially something as stress inducing as money.

However, as good an option asking your loved ones for financial assistance when you need it is, it is probably the toughest option to take. But, there are ways to make it just that little bit easier. You need to ease yourself into it and not rush into deciding who to ask for help and how you’re going to ask them. You should know exactly what you need and exactly how your financial future looks so that you give them exact details on how you’re going to pay them back, if they have in fact asked you to pay the money back. And you should always be gracious with the financial assistance they provide, whether they gave you exactly what you asked for or not.

Get in touch with professional lending borrowing companies

If you just can’t bring yourself to ask those closest to you for financial help, or you don’t know anybody that has the ability to provide you with help because of their own financial outlook, then you should get in touch with professionals in the lending and borrowing sector. This could mean getting in touch with payday loan companies and subsequently taking out a loan that you will pay back when you paid and have the financial capabilities to do so; if you take out a loan with such a company, just make sure you know exactly what is asked of you in regards to interest payments and payment deadlines. Or, it could mean getting in touch with crowdfunding organisations and asking them to help you raise money; if you want to take this option, just make sure the reason you are raising the money is a good reason for people to fund you, and not just to get yourself out of a bit of financial bother.

If you ever find yourself in the midst of a financial fiasco because of money management mistakes you’ve made, then be sure to ask somebody or something to help you out. A problem shared is a problem halved, and all that.

On Christmas Spirit!

The most wonderful time of the year is here! For sure everybody is getting excited and preparing for this time.

Yet, I dont feel like Christmas is just around the corner. With lots of curveballs have been thrown at my end in the past few weeks the spirit I felt just vanished. It is not surprising, considering the problems I have to go through. However I am certain that I will overcome all the problem that comes my way in God’s perfect time. With this, I will surely feel the Christmas spirit and will start putting decoration to make our home look Christmas-ey.

In fact I already check our tree yesterday. I am disappointed because one of my Christmas light was ruined by our housemates (rats), I just used it once . Hopefully my cousin can fix it because I dont have extra money for it. Hence Lola passed away just recently, I opt not to use the red decoration I used last year. I am planning to buy violet decorations if my pocket permits me to do so.

Quick Solutions To Deal With The Worst Financial Issues

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We are all going to run into financial difficulties at one point or another. It would be nice to think that we will go our whole lives without any financial issues, but unfortunately, that’s not realistic. The likelihood is that you will face experiences that put pressure on your finances. For instance, at some point, you might find yourself redundant. In this type of situation, it is easy for your spending to reach levels that are too high for your bank account to handle. It is important that you know how to deal with situations like this so that you are prepared when or if they arise. Since we have already mentioned it, let’s think about the issue of redundancy.

Lost Your Job?

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Losing your job is going to take a huge toll on your finances. Even if you received a severance package, unless you’re Billy Bush, it’s only going to last a few months. Employers suggest that the average time it takes an employee to find a new job is six months. In the current economic climate, it could be double that. So, you can’t rely on your severance package to help you get by if you even have one. Don’t forget, if you are working without a contract, you won’t get that. The best way to handle a period of redundancy is to plan for it. Make sure you have enough in savings to get by, even for a long period of unemployment. You can make sure your savings last for as long as possible by cutting your spending right down. Make sure that you are limiting your home bills as much as possible, cutting out any expenses that you don’t need.

Borrowed A Bad Loan?

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Borrowing a bad loan is a surefire way to end up in a financially turbulent situation. A bad loan will put you in a debt trap. Due to high levels of interest, you won’t be able to pay it off on time. As such, you might need to borrow more to pay off the first loan. As you do this, the money keeps building and building. To avoid this possibility, you should use businesses like Loan Rate Comparison. With a resource like this, you can find the best loan available on the market. You will also be able to make sure that you are taking on rates you can handle.

It should be noted that you could get in the same type of situation with any type of loan. Don’t forget, a mortgage is just another type of loan. If you fall behind on payment, you can lose more than your capital. You could lose the house where you’re living.



Finally, most people end up with money troubles for one simple reason, they overspend. It is essential that no matter what your financial situation you are living on a budget. You need to do everything possible to ensure that you have money, even when times are tight. Living on a budget will help you save more and handle your finances effectively.