Halloween Make Up

I admit I am newbie when it comes to putting make up. Everytime I am doing my make up I will always asked my Mom or my son if I am doing it prefectly most especially when it comes to my brows. So anyway, I was bored earlier when I found an online toturial for […]

On Make Up Tutorial

I admit I am not a fan of make up. I usually wear lipstick and pressed powder and I am good to go. But it was before #kilaygoal invade every womans daily life. Before I am happy and contented with the shape of my eyebrows. A little shaving or plucking and I am happy with […]

Proud Of My Cousin

I have mentioned on several occasions that I only trust my cousin to do my hair. Why I say so? Because he is the only who manage to straighten my hair perfectly, I am not being bias here but that is really true. So since then, I he became my permanent hair dresser. If he […]