Halloween Make Up

I admit I am newbie when it comes to putting make up. Everytime I am doing my make up I will always asked my Mom or my son if I am doing it prefectly most especially when it comes to my brows.

So anyway, I was bored earlier when I found an online toturial for Hallowen make up. I hurriedly call my cousin to lend me his eyeshadow pallette for me to use because the I shadow pallete I own doesnt have the black pallette. It took me more than one hour to do the make up.


It is not perfect I know and I guess it is not bad for the first timer like me. You also have to consider that I am a newbie when it comes to applying the make up.

What do you this guys?


On Make Up Tutorial

I admit I am not a fan of make up. I usually wear lipstick and pressed powder and I am good to go. But it was before #kilaygoal invade every womans daily life. Before I am happy and contented with the shape of my eyebrows. A little shaving or plucking and I am happy with it. Now its a different story. Honestly, I envy those ladies who can perfectly do their eyebrows. I always asked my cousin to do my brows everytime I go to the city or anywhere, when my cousin is out I have to do it myself and most of the time I end up re-doing my brows or just going out with my natural brows.

Recently, I am addicted to make up that I am eagerly watching make tutorials for beginners on youtube. I really want to know the basic make up application so I wont be needing my cousin anymore. Moreso that he is working in Manila now, so the more reason I have to seriously learn how to do it.

With this, I bought few make ups essentials that I should have for a beginner. I found out that some make up essentials are expensive. As a beginner I opt to buy afforfable product but good for my skin type.

Next time I will be posting the product I bought and perhaps make a quick review 😁

Proud Of My Cousin

I have mentioned on several occasions that I only trust my cousin to do my hair. Why I say so? Because he is the only who manage to straighten my hair perfectly, I am not being bias here but that is really true. So since then, I he became my permanent hair dresser. If he is in town, he does now do my hair but also my nails. I would say, I save some when he is here because I do not need to visit my favorite salon to do my nails.


me and my cousin, cam whoring…

Apart from being my personal beautician, he is also a great companion to me. I tag him along whenever I go. We do crazy things together and talk about anything and everything. Among my cousins he is the closest to me, maybe because we understand each other.

us again, being crazy on our way to our Uncle's farm
us again, being crazy on our way to our Uncle’s farm

I don’t know if I mentioned here that he is working in a salon far from our place. Few weeks ago, he mentioned that he is joining one of the prestigious contests in the country, the Hair Asia contest. As soon as he mentioned about it I feel happy for my cousin not to mention proud of his accomplished as a beautician. He didn’t let his educational background stop him for reaching his dream to excel on his chosen career. Although, I sometimes wish he has a higher educational attainment for it will surely help me get what he wants easily.

my cousin with his model

my cousin with his model

Go back to the contest; the contest happened few days ago. I didn’t had a chance to call or send him sms during the contest as I don’t want to disturb him but I already bid him good luck a day before the contest. He didn’t won the major award, but being chosen as one of the outstanding make artists is not bad for a first timer, right?

So to my cousin Momon aka Tenten, kudos and more medal to come!!!!!

Photo credit: photo grab from the facebook photo album or my cousin’s friend.