Coin Collector

If there are stamp and postcards collector, there are also coin collector. I know someone who is into collecting coins. I and my friends were amazed when saw her coin collection for the first time. Imagine she already have two jars of different coins in her collection. And because her husband and some relatives are working outside the country her collection is from different countries.

I wonder if she has gold eagle coin on her collection. I know though that she has especial coin collection that she keeps in their room. I guess it’s expensive as she doesn’t display it together with her other collection.

How about you? Do you know someone who is into coin collector?

Decoration Business

Just recently two of my friends were hired to decorate a wedding reception. I know they did a good job although I didn’t see the venue myself for I have witness how this two friends work. They are the one who decorated the buffet table on the little one seventh birthday bash last year.

I know for sure, if they have enough capital they are sure running their own business now. I know a business like this needs a big capital. The cloth alone that they will use in decoration and table cloth can be expensive. But then, this is not really an issue if they have someone to help them with the capital to start the business. They can find wide selection of burlap tablecloth here without spending too much.

Well, if I have big savings I am willing to finance my friends as I know they have talent and I trust them.

Sure Investment

There is no doubt that investing your hard earned money is not easy. You need to consider some important factors. The decision making can be tough as well as you have to make sure that you will not lost the money you’ve invested.

Just in case you’re cannot decided on where to investment your money, then perhaps you want to consider investing in precious metals. It has been said that investing in precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum is a sure investment. You can find the best resource for silver bars online.

If I am to invest in the future I will surely invest it on jewelries may it gold or silver.