Eco Friendly Costumes

It’s unproductive Saturday at my end. I was just sleeping most of the time and playing online. I just had my bath few minutes ago. I was about to make this day productive for I know it not too late yet I still have few hours left. I decided to do the tasks I have in another paying site that has been giving me tasks to do but something went wrong as I could not open the login page. What a bummer.

While waiting for the site to get back I might as well post an update here. Let me share you a picture of my friend’s creation made of indigenous materials.

Candidate for Lakan and Lambini 2012, both is wearing my friends creation. Made of indigenous materials..

Girl: Is a wearing a Filipina gown made of Kup-Kup in our local dialect (microsarium fern). It is usually seen in the tree branches and since there are lots of trees around our place finding this kind of leaves is not difficult. To add the beauty of the gown my friend use pink ribbonet, popsicle sticks and flower made of native materials.

Boy: Is wearing a Barong Tagalog made of star apple leaves accessorized by native materials.

His creation bagged the Best in Kalikasan costume during the district level but failed to won the around on the area level. However one his candidate won first runner-up and had a chance to join the next level of the competition. He also made a new costume, since the old one that is made of star apple leaves is already worn out. I haven’t seen his latest creation before they left few days ago. I haven’t heard how they do in the competition. I only hope his candidate won so he will get a chance to travel. I heard the regional competition will be in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippine.

To share brief information of my friend, a member of what we called “third sex”. Yeah he is a certified gay. He has been making casual dresses and gowns for few years now. In fact he has few gowns of his own for rent. He is also a makeup artist, a local male and female candidate handler. He earn his living for doing the things he love.