Survival Tips For Last Minute Gift Shopping

Gifts are something that we all have to buy at some point in the year. There are birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries that could all warrant a gift or two. Even though we know these things are coming up, quite a lot of us can leave buying gifts until quite late. It can be a little stressful if you’ve left things a bit last minute. Especially when it is a busy time around the holidays. But it is important to remember to not panic! There are plenty of options out there for you. All’s not lost if you have to do some last minute shopping. So here are some of my survival tips to keep you sane as you shop.


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Shop Online Where Possible

A lot of retailers offer super fast shipping. Quite often it will be next day or express shipping. It might cost you a little more, but then you can relax knowing that the gifts will be arriving shortly. If you are a little stressed, it helps to shop online too. You can take your time and browse, without having other people surrounding you. It might help you to stop any impulse buying. So it is good in many ways. You might even find that some stores have exclusive online discounts. So check out the stores that you would normally buy from. If you can find a Kmart Discount or a Bath and Body Works discount, then it will help a lot, right?

Think of Unique Gifts

Some gifts don’t require an actual physical gift to present to the recipient. There are options for gifts that you can just print out right in your own home. You could order them something like a magazine subscription, for example. It is something that they wouldn’t really choose for themselves but will be a great gift to get. Just think about what their favorite would be. Getting something in the mail each month would be fun. You could order them gift certificates or even something like a gym membership. Something like that would not be expected as a gift. But it would be received well for sure.


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Make Gifts

It might be a good idea to make some gifts for a nice change. Think about neighbor gifts for the holidays, for example. You could make some homemade treats to give to out to them. Or even layering ingredients in a mason jar, for them to make by themselves. Homemade gifts are super thoughtful and can quite often save you a bit of money. If crafts aren’t a big thing of yours, then you could put together a gift basket or hamper. Fill a basket or box with some favorite treats of your recipient. It could be their favorite foods or drinks. It could even be a theme hamper with things like movies and popcorn. It certainly makes it for a fun gift!

Have you got any tips for when you buy last minute gifts for others? It would be great to hear what you do when it is a little last minute.

 Cute Gift Ideas Little Girls Will Love

When it comes to buying for little girls, there are so many gift choices to choose from. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially when there are so many options on offer. What it’s important to think about is the little girl that you’re buying for, and the things that she likes.
To help you choose the perfect present, be it for a birthday, Christmas or other celebration, I thought I would share some gift ideas. These are all cute little gifts that every little girl is sure to love.
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Play makeup

Little girls love messing around with makeup, which is what makes play make up a perfect gift idea. There are lots of lovely little makeup sets that are perfect for young girls – to find the best ones, have a browse online. From pretty little powder puffs to cute pastel colored lipstick crayons, there are lots of play makeup options. If you’re getting this as a gift for someone else’s child, it might be worth double checking with the, first that it’s okay – just in case. If they’re not a fan of you buying their child makeup, why not get them face painting makeup instead?

Charm bracelet

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How about treating her to jewelry? Kids love being like mommy, so jewelry can make the perfect gift. Instead of buying children’s play bracelets, opt for costume jewelry. This is a better choice as it looks nicer and will last for longer. Little girls love pretty things, so why not get her a charm bracelet and a few charms? There are some lovely designs about, many of which aren’t expensive, so are perfect for little ones.

Dress up clothes

If the little girl that you’re buying for is a fan of dressing up, treat her to some new dressing up clothes. Find out what types of things she likes dressing up as and pick up a selection of new outfits for her. Whether she’s princess crazy or loves pretending to be different animals; there are plenty of places that sell dress up clothes. If she’s already got lots of outfits to choose from, then perhaps buying her a dress up box to store her bits and bobs in could make a better present?
Painting and drawing set
paint time
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Arts and craft based gifts are always popular with little ones, so if you’re stuck for ideas, this could be perfect. Have a look online and in your local arts and craft store to see what kits are around and choose the one that’s most suitable. Look for a kit that’s got a range of art tools included, from paints to stickers and paper for collages. Kids love arts and crafts, so this could be the ideal gift.

As you can see from above, there are plenty of gift ideas to choose from. It’s just a case of selecting the perfect one and ensuring that it’s age appropriate. If you’re not buying for your own daughter, it might be worth checking with her mom before buying anything, to see what she’s already got.

Disclaimer: The idea written in this guest post is solely by the author not mine