Excited For His Birthday

For some reason the little big tot is extra excited for his upcoming birthday. He will turn 13 in two weeks. But he started singing Happy Birthday song for as early as November. Before he will remind me about his birthday a month or two after his birthday. I know its exaggarated since he just […]

Thankful 2017 and 2018 Goals!

Its my first personal blog post for year 2018. 2017 has been a good year for me and my family. Of course, problems come and go but that is life. I habe more reason to beĀ  thankful of to our Almighty God especially for answering my prayer about the health of my mother. She was […]

Christmas Shopping!

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Well, I am not yet done but I am almost done. Tomorrow I will meet my younger sister in the city together with my nieces and nephews to buy thier Christmas present from my boyfriend. Last year, I and the boyfriend opted to gave them toys. This year […]