Never Stop Looking For Love

At young aged I always tell everybody that when I reach the right age to marry I will marry someone from the United States. Every time I saw children born with a Filipina mother and an American father they are beautiful and handsome to my eyes. I guess that is where I got the idea of marrying someone from the US. When I was in high school I started my luck looking in the penpal corner in the newspaper or magazine in a hope to meet my future husband. However sending a snail mail to another country is too expensive for me so eventually I stopped trying my luck.

Photo not mine. Credit to the owner

The advent of internet technology when I was in college brought back my dream when I was young. I remember joining different chat rooms in yahoo messenger, but no luck. Until I tried joining in an online dating site. However, I do not know how the site works. Every day I received more than five emails from the website, but I do not why I am getting those emails. Until I get tired of getting those emails, I decided to make another email address and completely forgot the old one. Little did I know that those emails I hate is a notification from guys who wanted to know me. Buts it’s too late, I forgot my login details to the website and to the email address I used to sign up.

One day I told to myself I am not destined to marry a foreigner so I completely stopped until I had two failed serious relationship. The last relationship I had is when I get pregnant with my now 13 years old son. Two years after giving birth I tried joining online dating site again. However I feel like I am not really lucky in terms of finding true love may it online or the traditional way. Until someone told me to try joining free dating sites online where she met her husband. She taught me everything I need to know on how to use the site works and how to start interacting to the member. And again, I reach to a point of giving up my search. But God has a plan for me. When I taught of giving up someone sent me a message saying he is interested in knowing more about me. Our first chat was not good, but after he promised to be good on our next chat everything went well.

Our love story may be different from other as it already 11 years in the making and yet we are still thousands of miles away from each other. But we are not losing hope because we know, one day at the right time we will be together to make our dreams that built online turns to reality.

If you are one of those who are not lucky enough to meet your partner in your society or community perhaps its high time to find your luck online and join dating sites uk. Who knows, your luck is out there waiting for you.