Miami Heat-The Champion

Congratulations to Miami Heat for the conquering the NBA finals few hours ago. I am certain that a lot of fans all over the world witness that the game seven. I would say it was not an easy win by the Heat. Although I am not a diehard fan of basketball I still enjoy watching the game and I even cheer for my team- the Heat.

No doubt the NBA finals is one of the treading topic in social networking. Other fans would love to air their feeling on social networking while other are enjoying their la gloria cubana cigar while watching the game. I already saw some funny photos about the game and I am certain that the local tv station will also feature funny videos during the game. I will not be surprise if I see some audience smoking.

Smoking: Kicking The Bad Habit

I heard my Nanay asking her younger brother to stop smoking as he has been coughing for few days. Her brother answered he stop smoking, already. I hope he is serious and would kick the habit for good. I have allergy and asthma, so smoking is a big NO inside the house or near the house as it trigger my allergy and asthma attack.

Talking about smoking, I wonder if Backwoods cigars has the same lung side effect like the kind of cigarette that my relatives buy. If not, then perhaps if they cannot kick the habit for good they can try this kind of cigarette is their pocket can afford to buy one pack.