Hello Love Month

….or should I say “hello March” a usual saying to those who are not excited for Valentines Day to come. Anyway, I know my post title is not catchy it’s more an over used sentence you can read whenever a new month is starting. It’s the second day of the month, time flies too fast. […]

On Christmas Spirit!

The most wonderful time of the year is here! For sure everybody is getting excited and preparing for this time. Yet, I dont feel like Christmas is just around the corner. With lots of curveballs have been thrown at my end in the past few weeks the spirit I felt just vanished. It is not […]

Thankful For The Blessing

Undoubtedly this blog needs an update. The down side of maintaining multiple blogs, I sometimes forget which blog is updated and which one is not. Anyway, I’ve been busy lately in between my tasks and doing some offline errands. Few days ago I manage to buy few stuff for the little one, nephew and for […]