On Christmas Spirit!

The most wonderful time of the year is here! For sure everybody is getting excited and preparing for this time.

Yet, I dont feel like Christmas is just around the corner. With lots of curveballs have been thrown at my end in the past few weeks the spirit I felt just vanished. It is not surprising, considering the problems I have to go through. However I am certain that I will overcome all the problem that comes my way in God’s perfect time. With this, I will surely feel the Christmas spirit and will start putting decoration to make our home look Christmas-ey.

In fact I already check our tree yesterday. I am disappointed because one of my Christmas light was ruined by our housemates (rats), I just used it once . Hopefully my cousin can fix it because I dont have extra money for it. Hence Lola passed away just recently, I opt not to use the red decoration I used last year. I am planning to buy violet decorations if my pocket permits me to do so.

Thankful For The Blessing

Undoubtedly this blog needs an update. The down side of maintaining multiple blogs, I sometimes forget which blog is updated and which one is not.

Anyway, I’ve been busy lately in between my tasks and doing some offline errands. Few days ago I manage to buy few stuff for the little one, nephew and for myself. I thank the boyfriend for providing our needs although there are times that I am acting like a bitch girlfriend. Online blessing seems to pour this week at my end. I am very much thankful to the Provider for all the blessings that he bestowed upon me.

On the other note, I will be running some offline errands today. Hopefully, when I get back I can finish my undone tasks that has been lurking in my all time favorite pay to blog dashboard.

First Update For November

It’s the first day of November. It’s been a while since my last blog post here. I’ve been planning to make an update here but I always end up updating my other blogs. I need to make a post about the product I recently receive.

Mr Sunshine is shining brightly today unlike the previous year, the first day of November is always raining. I don’t have any plan for today but I hope I will turn this day a productive one since laziness is kicking in once again. How about you do have any plan for today? Lots of people in my country will go to the cemetery to pray for their departed loved ones to offer flowers and prayer.

Anyway, I hope this month will bring us more abundant blessing and hood health.. Happy blogging!!!