Stop Your Kids Getting Injured When Playing Sports

Playing sports is an excellent way of encouraging your kids to develop a fun and healthy attitude to fitness. It gets them away from the TV and makes them want to spend more time outside with their friends. Sports can help them stay fit and healthy and teach them about sharing and teamwork. With so many benefits to be gained, you should encourage your children to play as much sport as they can. However, without the right preparations beforehand, playing sports can be unsafe for your kids. Injuries such as sprain ankles and broken bones could prevent your child from playing at all. So to avoid any injuries and to keep your kids safe when playing sports, here’s what you need to do.

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Teach them the rules

While the rules of sports are used to determine when a point is scored, they are also created to keep players safe. Breaking the rules of any sport increases the risk of injury significantly. So before your child starts to play a new sport, go through the rules with them. Let them know how important it is to follow the rules carefully to ensure they have fun but stay safe. To find the rules for your child’s favorite sport, there are plenty of guides online which you can refer to. If your child’s sports team has a coach, you could also ask them to assist you in teaching the rules. They should be able to also show them the correct techniques require for the sport which can reduce the risk of injury too.

Schedule in warm ups

Warm ups that involve plenty of stretching can prevent injuries such as pulled muscles from occurring. Stretching before sports allows your child’s muscles to release tension. This makes them more limber and less likely to cramp. So aim to reach the sports field or hall early so your child has plenty of time to fit in a warm-up routine. This is ideal if your child’s sports team doesn’t encourage warming up before a practice session. You might even want to lead a warm up session yourself when all the children on the team can get involved.

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Buy suitable safety gear

If your child doesn’t wear the correct safety equipment for their sport, this increases their chances of getting hurt. So before letting them play, talk to the coach for ideas on what items your child will need. Then head to a sports equipment store and remember to take your child with you. They will need to try on the equipment they need to ensure it fits correctly and feels comfortable. It’s likely the store will stock everything from kid’s helmets to copper infused compression sleeves. This overwhelming choice can make it easy to buy items your child doesn’t need. So only buy the items recommended by the coach and get the best quality you can afford.

Not only with the tips in this guide keep your children safe, but they can also give you peace of mind. So whether your child enjoys playing football or tennis, take the time to prepare them fully beforehand.

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