Smooth Mover: Your Guide to an Awesome Office Move!

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Every day, businesses move offices. Sometimes they just move up a couple of floors in the same commercial building. Sometimes they move to a new part of town. Sometimes they move to another city entirely! In any case, a move is never particularly easy.
There are a lot of things you need to consider when you’re moving office. You don’t need this process to be any more expensive, stressful, or dangerous than it already might be. Ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible. This article is filled with suggestions we hope you find useful!
Consider the budget
This ain’t exactly gonna be cheap. The world of business never is. And while you feel like you could really use a break during such a stressful process, you’re not going to get one. You’re going to have to spend some money to ensure this goes smoothly! The best thing for you to do is to create a budget. Work out what you can afford to spend on this move. Consider the fees of moves and real estate agents.

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The checklist
Yes, you should be making a checklist. You may think that this is way too informal a practice for a serious business to use. But if you’re not keeping track of the process in some way, then it can all get very disorganized very quickly. You need to develop a plan of action. And one of the best ways to track the progress of that plan is with a checklist.
Shopping around for movers
Don’t just go for the first movers you find. No two moving companies are the same. You may find that one charges you less for what you’re taking. But they may charge you more based on the location you’re headed to. A company that seems expensive at first might actually offer a bunch of helpful benefits. Basically, you need to research all of your options carefully. And remember that relocating your IT infrastructure safely is important. You might want to work with specialists in that field.

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The furniture question
The furniture your company uses isn’t exactly going to be easy. In fact, this could end up being the most difficult task of your move. You’ve got desks, chairs, and sofas to worry about. But what if there’s already furniture at the office you’re heading to? You might want to consider selling the stuff you have now, or even giving it away. If you get stuck later, there are actually places where you can find free furniture that might be suitable for your office.
Safety first
Last, but not least – in fact, the opposite of least – is safety. A move can be a pretty dangerous thing if you’re not careful. Ladders are out. Boxes are lying around. Heavy equipment is being carried. Transport needs to be used. All of a sudden, the safe little haven you call your office seems to be a hazard zone! Make sure you’re paying close attention to health and safety during your office move. If you don’t, you could end up with an injured employee. (Which often results in, y’know, a lawsuit. Eep!)

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