Smoking: Kicking The Bad Habit

I heard my Nanay asking her younger brother to stop smoking as he has been coughing for few days. Her brother answered he stop smoking, already. I hope he is serious and would kick the habit for good. I have allergy and asthma, so smoking is a big NO inside the house or near the house as it trigger my allergy and asthma attack.

Talking about smoking, I wonder if Backwoods cigars has the same lung side effect like the kind of cigarette that my relatives buy. If not, then perhaps if they cannot kick the habit for good they can try this kind of cigarette is their pocket can afford to buy one pack.


  1. When I was on my first trimester nobody is allowed to smoke near me. The smell makes me puke! I hope more people would stop smoking.

  2. I sure hope he does kick that habit. My dad quite cold turkey several years ago. My brother has recently turned to e-cigarette. the boyfriend still smokes but I hopes he stops really really soon. I get migraines sometime from cigarette smoke so people are very conscious about smoking around me.

  3. I don’t have asthma or allergy, but I can’t stand the smell of smoke from cigars. Good that you implemented the No Smoking policy in your home, second hand smoking is more dangerous!

  4. I also have allergic rhinitis and used to use this excuse to keep my Dad from smoking… but he was a chain smoker and he suffered the consequences of smoking – – COPD and being connected to a ventilator for almost 7 years. I hope this sad effect would be ingrained in my son, which I think is so, because he saw his lolo sitting or lying in bed connected to the ventilator and at the back of the room, he also saw the oxygen tank!

  5. smoking has no positive effect at all and smoker are just burning their money and lungs as well. this should be taken seriously

  6. I do hope he quits smoking because it takes a great toll on our health. It may be hard at first but if one thinks of its benefits long term, then it wouldn’t be as hard. Good luck!

  7. i dont have asthma but recently i had pneumonia. i hope my husband will stop smoking soon too. not just for me but for the kids too. i know someone close to me who died because of lung cancer and i can’t imagine living life without my husband.

  8. im also pushing my hubby to stop his smoking… 🙁

  9. Do you think the SIN TAX bill in Philippines can help Filipinos quit smoking? What is your take on it.

  10. Well, in our house smoking is a big NO NO NO.

  11. I hate smoking and smokers too..always tell my kids to cover their nose and keep away from them as you can even get cancer from 2nd or 3rd hand smoke. They should ban smoking all together!!

  12. I also hate cigarette smoke. Unfortunately, making people quit smoking is a hard feat. It has to actually be the decision of the smoker to quit. I just hope they respect other people’s space because there are actually people like us who don’t appreciate the smoke they spew.

  13. I hope everyone would realize the effects of smoking on the health.

  14. I tried smoking but I can’t get used of the taste that really stays long. Furthermore, I really feel dizzy afterwards. That is the reason why it never became my vice.

  15. Oh how I hate smokers! I even unfriended my uncle on Facebook for being a smoker.

  16. Kicking this habit out of one’s system is kind of difficult. It takes a lot of determination and motivation to overcome this vice.

  17. i dont like the smell of the cigars too.. sometimes it makes me sneeze and sneeze..

  18. Clean living always pays. You always know smokers because the smell clings to their clothes.

  19. how i wish smoking will stop existing altogether hehehe 😀

  20. Smoking is bad for the health talaga. 😀 Although I read it somewhere that when you smoke the tobacco leaf, it’s healthier. LOL Not sure if that’s true though.

  21. No smoking in our house too.. 🙁

  22. My father smokes and finds if hard to quit. I still hope he succeeds to quit eventually.

  23. You know smoking has more bad effects than alcohol. He should really stop smoking. The number 1 cancer that kills both men and women is lung cancer.

  24. my dad is a heavy smoker, pero di siya pwede magsmoke inside the house

  25. Ugh! I hate smokers! My aunt stopped smoking, but had a relapse after a couple of years. And the worse part is her son threatened her that he, too, would start smoking if she doesn’t stop smoking, but instead of desisting, they now smoke together. And she, too, is an asthmatic like you.

  26. It is about time everyone realizes the complications of smoking !

  27. Smoking causes a lot of unpleasant things… Health is wealth 🙂

  28. I am glad I never got into the smoking habit. I do have loved ones who do smoke. I wish they can get out of the habit though.

  29. Glad that no one in our house smokes. Madami kasi talagang disadvantages! 🙂

  30. NO NO NO to smoking!!!!

  31. Smoking was the reason why my father was gone too soon. I am totally against smoking. Very bad for our health and even worst for second hand smokers who are actually not smoking.

    Mommy Maye

  32. I think most Filipino households have at least one smoker for a member… I don’t like smokers esp those who don’t care about people around them.

  33. Can’t force someone to break the habit unless they themselves are ready for it!

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