Haist, I am really getting sleepy while typing this post. I really want to continue visiting the participants of Comment Exchange for this week but I guess I will just do it tomorrow as my eyes are getting heavier and heavier every blink I do. Well, I am sure I will make it to the ComEx next week for this blog as I am half way done, already.

On the other hand, I got a message from someone inquiring for the gown I have posted before. The gown is made of indigenous materials by my friends. I am happy for my friend as his creation is being notice. I will be posting his latest creation soon. He is on the final touches and he promised to call me to take photos of it. So, watch out for it guys!!!


  1. I sometimes experience this while crocheting our orders. Sometimes while driving (too risky). I just park the car a get 15 minutes nap to get back.

  2. Relax for a while. Excited for more gowns. Will be back next week!

  3. This happened to me last night too. I had to stop comenting because I fell asleep with the ipad on my face.

  4. I’m trying my best to complete my first round of ComEx tonight. And start another round again.. 🙂

  5. There are many times when sleep really just takes over…

  6. will wait for the next creation of your friend.. 🙂

  7. Oh, that’s good news! We’ll look forward to your post on it. On the other hand, don’t fight sleep! Do take a rest, mommy. 🙂

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