Slacking Here & There…

I am a certified slacker and procrastinator, I won’t deny that fact. For more than a week I was not in the mood to blog although I so much want to post an update here and in my other blogs but I’ll just end up looking my screen as I have scattered ideas. I know, I should start working to build a good traffic here but until now I haven’t put enough effort and time. With this, the plan of submitting this blog to my all-time favorite paying site for approval might not happen soon.

On the other hand, I have mentioned in my previous post about justbeenpaid. My earning as of this typing is almost $20. I have not use it to buy position as I’ve read it has greater chances of earning good when buying 4 positions at once. I do hope I will not be tempted to cash out my earning when it reaches $40. The recent restart didn’t affect the number of position I have unlike other members.

Anyway, I will try to post an update here in a regular basis. I know I always broke this promise but I sure try my best not to break it soon. Happy blogging and enjoy the remaining hours of weekend.

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