She Got A Style

I was browsing my friend’s photos on her facebook account. One I noticed in here photos is that she is good in choosing her winter jackets. One I find one her photo perfect, she is wearing a high heeled boots, jeans and a yellow winter jacket. Perhaps it’s the jacket that actually catches my attention for it’s my favorite color and well the jacket perfectly fits on her. I wonder if she is wearing north face winter jackets as it looks similar to the jacket I found in an online store recently.

Anyway, I know winter season is coming to an end but maybe you would want to have a new winter jacket before the season ends you might want to check out the link above. They offer free shipping to the US on orders over $35 and a gift card for orders over $50.


  1. how i wish we have colder season here too at least once a year so we can be fashionable with winter jackets too! hehehe

  2. I want a North Face jacket but it’s way too expensive for me. 🙂

  3. It is getting very cold here in Baguio. I think I should get my North Face jacket, too

  4. I’m quite interested on how it is to have a winter season. But honestly, I’m glad that we don’t have it here in the Philippines. lol I just love SUMMER! 😀

  5. I love jackets and I used to have many, but they are not very practical for someone like me who works at home…

  6. north face jackets are for winter wonderland.. hahaha not for philippines.. but it is a good brand.. 🙂

  7. NOrth Face jackets are sooo nice. Just sooo expensive.

  8. Since winter is coming to an end, maybe jackets would be less expensive hehehe. I love jackets, but I only get to wear them occasionally.

  9. it has been a long time since I went to a wintry place and needed a winter jacket!

  10. I’ve heard of the brand North Face. I hear good things about that brand. People who live in cold places get lucky because they can wear boots, jackets and coats. I wish we could sometimes wear some too.

  11. Love to wear jackets! But the weather here doesn’t allow me to. LOL It would be nice to be able to wear layers of clothes.

  12. i think i need a new jacket too, grabe ang lamig ng panahon ngayon

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