Setting Up An Office On A Budget – What Furnishings Do You Need

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Purchasing an office can be an expensive venture. You may have been so carried away with the cost of it that you overlooked the need for furnishings too. Below is some of the furniture and gear that you will need, and equipment and gear that you will not require.

Chair and Desk

There are some trendy offices that have done away with chairs and desks, employing beanbags and armchairs instead with workers on laptops and tablets. However, these are usually found more often in artistic fields. If your business requires you to suit up and meet other suited-up clients, you’re probably best going down the traditional route and buying a few modern office desks and chairs (enough for you and any staff you have).


Filing cabinets are going out of fashion. What used to have to be printed off can now be stored digitally. The same can be done with literature – download it and save up on room. Considering all of this, how much storage do you really need? It’s useful to have a shelf or two, but don’t get carried away with masses of cabinets.

Meeting and Conference Room Furniture

If clients and guests are going to visit your office, make sure that there is available seating for them and that it is comfortable enough to create a good impression (this is definitely not the place to use bean bags). It may be worth having a water dispenser or filter coffee machine, so that you can offer guests a drink. Even if you have no guests, you and your staff can use it.


Even if you are an eco-friendly business cutting down on paper, there will inevitably be a time when you need to print something off. Most information can be emailed rather than posted. Don’t bother with a fax machine (some business still use them, but there are increasingly few). A scanner might be worth purchasing – or even better a multi-purpose printer/scanner.


Is the office bright enough? Install a few standing lamps to prevent damaging your workforce’s eyes.


Having a board somewhere for brainstorm sessions is always handy. This doesn’t have to be some interactive digital thing – unless you’re the kind of person who likes to regularly give Powerpoint Presentations. This can also be used to give important information for the week, targets, useful tips or reminders.

Fire Extinguisher

As part of health & safety regulations all offices need to have one. Don’t use it as a doorstep – if a health and safety officer comes round they’ll tell you off for it. I’m sure there are many offices around the UK that skimp out on this piece of safety equipment, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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