Rest In Peace Lola!

Granny stayed at the hospital for almost two weeks. We decided to go home because of two reasons. First, the hospital bill reached more than one hundred thousand and we are starting to worry where in God’s hand we are going to get the said amount. Secondly, there is no way she will recover from her illness. At 85, recovering from an acute pheumonia and severe UTI is a miracle. Her doctor allowed us to go home provided that we will have an oxygen at home.

After more than a week of staying at home she finally rest for good. Although we already predicted that she will be going any time it still hurt when that time comes. If there is something good about grannys passing away is that she cannot feel any pain anymore and no more difficulty of breathing. Aside from being with our creator she will be with her husband and some of our loved ones who passed away before her.

Rest in Peace Lola! You will be miss. I love you!

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