4 Reasons You’re Not Sleeping Through The Night 

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If you’re not sleeping through the night, the reason could be a few different things. Consider the following four points, and see if you can find the solution!
An uncomfortable bed
Do you have crackly sheets, lumpy mattresses or non-existent pillows? There are lots of ways your bedding could be letting you down.
First up, look at the main part; the mattress. You should replace yours every ten years roughly. Replace it soon if it gets lumps, bumps and loose springs. One way to save time and effort on finding a new mattress is to order it online. Places like www.thebedroomstore.com/mattresses/latex-foam-mattresses.html allow you to do this.
Next up, look at your bedding. Could you do with softer sheets? Do you need to combat any nasty smells? And how about your pillow? A bad pillow can leave your neck super sore, and can wake you up during the night. A good quality feather pillow, or one made of memory foam, could offer a quick and affordable solution.

Noise disturbances

How much noise you are disturbed by during the night is sometimes a result of where in the house the bedroom is. Chances are, if you have kids, you are in the front bedroom. However, the front bedroom of the house is usually the one closest to any roads, passing pedestrians and visitors. This sounds can travel upwards and across and into your room, disturbing you during the night.
Double or triple-glazed windows might be the solution. Thicker windows block out more sounds, meaning there is less chance of it reaching you. A cheaper solution would be the use of earplugs. Go with wax ones over foam ones, so that they mould to the exact shape of your ear canal.

Too much salt before bedtime

Salt is a top cause of not getting to sleep, and then not staying asleep. If our body becomes unhappy during the night, it will often wake us up to tell us! Retaining water is a key side effect of eating salty foods. As a result, you can be too uncomfortable to fall asleep in the first place. Then, once you are asleep, you are still at risk of having a disturbed night.If you want to eat salty food, eat them at lunchtime instead. Read articles like this www.livestrong.com/article/344900-foods-to-avoid-eating-before-bedtime/ to get more informed.


Most adults have woken up in the middle of the night before for seemingly no other reason that to have a good worry! Worrying, in small doses, won’t do you much harm. In fact, it can be great to keep us motivated and focused. It can also help us see which areas of our lives we are neglecting, and need to take more care of. However, once worry crosses over the line into stress, it could be time to get help. Life is too short to be struggling with such issues alone. Consider seeing a Doctor if you think your mental health is suffering. Or, you could start yourself off by seeing a counsellor on a weekly basis instead. Sometimes just having an impartial, supportive person to talk things through with can help.

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