Productive Tuesday

After few days of hiding Mr. Sunshine is finally up. I couldn’t see any trace of clouds here in my place but then weather is unpredictable, now the sun is shining brightly but before we know it, the rain drops starting to fall. But hopefully it will shine all day today to dry up our pathway on going to the road.

I am glad that I am almost done with my thing online. I am done visiting the blogs I need to visit today and I am up and ready for the next round of blog hopping. I don’t regret doing it every day as I get numerous responses from fellow bloggers. And, well, my site traffic is increasing as well. I am actually happy with the results. Two of my blogs Alexa ranks are down to less than 1 million in less than two weeks of working hard. Although this blog has no pagerank yet, I am praying that Mr. Google will find my blog worth having a PR. I know in due time I will get what I have wish for. I just need to believe and work for it. Right?


  1. our Commex will surely help our blogs to raise our PR haha
    i am really glad i joined BC Bloggers

  2. Just keep on working on your blog and soon you will be surprised you got your PR just like mine. I just got it last monday.

  3. I think BC bloggers helped in making my mom blog into PR 2.

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