Personal Tidbit Of Me

Note: Personal Post

It is not a secret that I came from a broken a family. My parent separated when I was young since then it was only my Mum who supported us in everything we need. Oh yeah, I am not from a perfect family, we have encounter a lot of struggles, my siblings failed my Mum many times. My Mum thought I could finish my college degree but I also failed her. She cried many times when I told her about my pregnancy. However I am don’t regret having a child but I regret neglecting my studies. I know I could not blame anyone but myself. But I’ve learned my lesson. I am a mother now and I understand my Mum more than I understand her before.

With this, I have so many things to be thankful both from our Provider and my Mum. Perhaps I would also thank my followers who make it their business to ruin my credibility and talks a lot of bad things about me, for they are pushing me to try more in fulfilling my dreams. I am glad that I  don’t need to step someone or use someone just to get what I want unlike other people.  As of this typing the only investment that I have is my son, yeah i call him investment as I am trying my best to give him the best. I am not financially stable yet; I don’t own a house so I don’t have anything to brag about. But I am happy and contented with my life and with what I have.

My life is not perfect. I have my fair share of up and down. But I do have lot things to be thankful. Blessings continue to pour although it is not good as before. A boyfriend who supports me all the way, he may not beside me at this moment but I know he is there and would do anything just to make me happy and make my life easier. Indeed I am lucky.

I may not a college graduate but I can say my life is better compared to other degree holder. I may not shop many times a month but I am thankful that I can still buy the products that are in good quality. Honestly I am not into fashionable clothes and I am not into used clothing as well but hey, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against use clothing I have few that I wear at home. I am glad that the boyfriend will let me shop once in a while and would let us (I and the little) bond. Just recently I made a hole in my boyfriend’s wallet when he sent more than I need to buy the stuff I want.

Isn’t a good reason to be thankful? So I am…

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