Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle

One of the downside of using a mobile to blog is that it took me like forever to edit the picture I use in this post. I am getting patienceless when I finally manage to make the imagine smaller (hopefully, I will know it after publishing this post). It is annoying seeing the picture messing my blog template.


Anyway, I can say that I am very lucky when I shop our basic needs at Robinsons Supermarket few days ago. The reason- is because Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle conditioner was 50% off. Hindi kataka-taka na apat agad ang nilagay ko sa shopping cart. Indeef it was a perfect timing. Although buying more than one bottle of conditioner was not on my shopping list I cannot just let the opportunity to save slip in my pocket.  No doubt mommies like me will certainly agree. Right? Wish ko lang laging may sale tuwing mag-grogocery ako para always happy si pocket. hahaha

So if you guys are using Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle you should check out the supermarket near you. Who knows you will be lucky like me.

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