My Experience: Ever Belina Glitter Eyeliner-Black

I am into make-ups and other beauty products lately. In fact I recently purchased quite an expensive beauty product that helps reduce aging. I will not disclose the name of the said beauty product as it deserves another blog post *winks*. I am not into beauty products when I was younger but when I reached 30 I started to worry about wrinkles and aging. Oh! I know I am not alone in this dilemma as most ladies do.

Photobucket  Photo not mine

As I’ve said earlier I am into make-up. One of the things I bought when I started collecting make-up is Ever Bilena Glitter Eyeliner-Black. I honestly don’t have an idea if this product is good as I forgot to ask my cousin and friends who knows about make-up. But because I am excited I bought it without a second thought only to be disappointed as the product is not good enough. It is not waterproof; it messed up when I sweat. Because of my bad experience I opt not to buy any products from Ever Belina. It’s not that I don’t like all their products but it because of my friends advise. They knew about what make up is best since they are into this kind of business so I shall follow their advice.

But in fairness, I liked the Ever Bilena Eyeliner Glitter-Black when I am not sweating. The glittery is just cool to resist. And if you’ve a tight budget, I would recommend Ever Bilena Eyeliner Glitter-Black.

Blogging Partner

When I am blogging, you will see me drinking a cup of coffee regardless of what time it is. I am trying to lessen my coffee in take as it is not good for my health. I may lessen my coffee in take but I always end of eating something to make my mouth busy. Just few days ago my Mom bought a Happy Peanuts. I asked her if I can have it because I am getting sleepy. A bad habit but I am sure a lot of bloggers out there can relate to my experience.


Kopiko Browm Coffee is much love; I’ve been using it for few months now. As for the Happy Peanut, I just love it taste. Unlike other peanut crackers available in the store I more like this flavour.

Anyway I will be up for more update in the next coming days. So watch out for it. I will be sharing the things that make me happy.

Body Pain

Just to post an update here, I’ll be posting another personal blog post. I hope I can start posting the kind of blog post I am planning to share in this blog.

But anyway, yesterday was laundry day for me. I started late to I also finish the laundry late, already. My body is aching when I finally rested my body on bed. In fact, my back is in pain still. I want to go back to bed after talking to my boyfriend but I cannot just do it now as I need to clean the yard and hang the clothes outside. But hopefully, after I am done with the house chores that I need to do I can go back to bed and sleep.

For now, I shall bear the back pain and do the chores I need to do. Happy weekend!!! May you have a weekend blast with your love ones.