On Online Scammer

I am not sure if you happen to receive an e-mail saying, you e-mail address just won in our recent draw and you won xx,xxx,xxx.xx in dollars. Or this, you won a lottery amounting to xxx,xxx,xxx.xx. Imagine having a twelve figures amount of money in dollars without doing anything. If I am to get a […]

Quick Non-sense Update

This blog surely need an update. As much as I want to post a relevant post in here I can’t simply do it right at this moment as I am in hurry to go. I need to be at hospital in an hour. I just want to post a short update here and all I […]

Blogitive And Loud Launch…

…still legit or not? After more than four years of blogging I have found few website that promise to pay bloggers but at the end they just vanish or they don’t answer inquiries about pending balances. Recently, I blogged about blogitive. I have been working with this paying site since I started earning online. I […]