Excited Much

As of this typing I have clogged nose actually want to hit the sack soon. If I remember it right I only had almost three hours of sleep last night so no wonder why I so much want to sleep now. But I could not help as I am uber excited to share my happiness. […]

Dealing With Trials

With the health issues and personal problem I am dealing with right now, updating all my blogs is not easy. There are times that I want to post an update in any of blogs but creating a blog post of more than one hundred words is not easy. Most of the time I just end […]

BER Month Is Here

It’s the second day of September and it’s my first blog post for this month. Last month I failed to update this blog in a regular basis, hopefully I will do good this time around. Anyway, I don’t have much to say in here. I just feel like posting an update (a non-sense update). I […]