On Monetizing This Blog

As I always promise I will be updating this blog in a regular basis. But most of the time I failed to post an update in this blog. Now that I am seriously thinking of monetizing this blog I should seriously put more effort in building a good traffic. I will submit this blog to […]

New Dress Up

So, how do you find the new look of my blog? Do you like it? I sure love it. It’s a combination of my two favorite colors. I’d like to give credit to the designer Techie She for giving my blog a makeover in a reasonable price. I really want my blogs to have a […]

Excited Much

As of this typing I have clogged nose actually want to hit the sack soon. If I remember it right I only had almost three hours of sleep last night so no wonder why I so much want to sleep now. But I could not help as I am uber excited to share my happiness. […]