A Beautiful Morning

It’s past six o’clock in the morning here at my end. Mr. Sunshine is shining brightly, already. Hopefully it will last all day as my nephew will be discharge from the hospital today. My younger sister decided to stay at home to avoid long travel when they go back to the hospital for the follow […]

On Monetizing This Blog

As I always promise I will be updating this blog in a regular basis. But most of the time I failed to post an update in this blog. Now that I am seriously thinking of monetizing this blog I should seriously put more effort in building a good traffic. I will submit this blog to […]

New Dress Up

So, how do you find the new look of my blog? Do you like it? I sure love it. It’s a combination of my two favorite colors. I’d like to give credit to the designer Techie She for giving my blog a makeover in a reasonable price. I really want my blogs to have a […]