Taking Advance Of Picnic

As we all know Picnic is closing this week. I’ve been a member of this photo editing site for long time now but became an active user just recently when I started joining weekly meme’s. I feel sad when I found out that I could not enjoy using it for long. As of this typing I am still in search where I can edit my photos for free.

Anyways, I know I am posting irrelevant blog post again but because I am getting tired and at the same time I am taking advance of editing my photos that I’ll be posting here soon while Picnic is still up. So for now, please bear with me. I will be posting cosmetics and skin care products that I am using. I am getting old and I admit as I grow older I am also getting vain and conscious on how I look. I am sure lots of women out there can relate.


Since yesterday morning I’ve been dealing with allergy. I thought it won’t stay long but I was wrong for I still have it until now. I hope I’ll get rid of it the soonest because if not I might need to take allergy medicine.

I am in the mood to blog today. But because of this annoying allergy I more want to take a nap hoping that it gone when I wake up. So for now, please bear with me I will be posting non-sense post today. I promise to post something that is worth sharing in the next coming days.

Anyways, how was your holy week? I hope you had a safe holy week and fun Easter Sunday

Quick Update

My plan of updating this blog in a regular basis really sucks so as my plan of building the blog traffic. I am very busy catching up with all my pending tasks assigned in my other blogs. I could not just let those blessings pass in my hand as I aim to be productive this time. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post I’d like this blog to have a personalized dress up and so as my other self-hosted blog. I already hired someone to do the dressing up for me since I could not make a blog layout this time and I honestly don’t have any knowledge in coding. I just know html codes.

On the other note, it’s I already have few photos readied for my coming post. I just don’t have much time to do it this time. So watch out for it.