The Launching Of Another Blog

I am in my best mood to update all my blogs but my internet connection is in the highest point to ruin my mood. I have been disconnected for countless time since this morning, well, since yesterday. I am using BayanDSL; I have not experience a lot of problem regarding my connection for the past […]

Sturdy Church Chairs

If there is one thing that a church should have is a sturdy chair that would last longer. We all know that a church actually depends on donations coming from kind hearted individuals who want to share their blessing. With this, it is a must to scan the items thoroughly before the purchase to avoid […]

Holiday Shopping Tips

It’s the last day of September, at exactly 18 hours we will be welcoming the month of October. Yay, holiday season is fast approaching. I am certain that most of us are looking forward for holiday shopping, parties and present. As for me, I am excited shopping for the little one, nephews and nieces. Every […]