Coffee Perfect Partner For Blogger

Coffee is blogger’s partner, would you agree? I am a blogger, there are times that I am up until pass midnights when I have deadlines to meet. It is this time when drinking a cup of coffee is a good option to fight sleepiness. But then, I am a coffee lover. I can finish 2-3 […]

On Cybercrime Law

It’s almost midnight here at my end yet I don’t feel sleepy. I guess it’s because I drank a cup of coffee a while ago. While waiting for my sleepiness I might as well post an update here I don’t want to let this day pass without posting about the hot issue all over, online […]

The Launching Of Another Blog

I am in my best mood to update all my blogs but my internet connection is in the highest point to ruin my mood. I have been disconnected for countless time since this morning, well, since yesterday. I am using BayanDSL; I have not experience a lot of problem regarding my connection for the past […]