Extending Your Home: Tips and Tricks

Image Staticflickr It’s the time of year again where so many of us are planning to change the way our home looks. It could be that you are planning on painting the Home, buying some new appliances or even buying some new furniture. One of the ways you could change your home this year is to extend. […]

Good TV Shows For Tweens

When you have growing children in your household, it’s hard to keep them interested in something for very long. You take them outside when you can, you help them with their homework, and you try to keep them out of the fridge after dark. And yet, there’s a lot you still have to work with […]

Hello Love Month

….or should I say “hello March” a usual saying to those who are not excited for Valentines Day to come. Anyway, I know my post title is not catchy it’s more an over used sentence you can read whenever a new month is starting. It’s the second day of the month, time flies too fast. […]