New Year, New Car

It’s the new year, and it’s time to take your good resolutions if you haven’t already. Of course, you may want to travel more or to lose weight, or maybe to land a better job. But there are also essential everyday priorities that need to make it on the list too, such as a new car — especially if yours is starting to become old and unreliable. Why should a new car be part of your resolutions for the year? There are two reasons for it. Firstly, taking new year’s resolution is the equivalent of dress a to-do list of things you want to achieve during the year. Secondly, as cars are expensive items, it is necessary to adjust your lifestyle to be able to afford a change of vehicle.

Ford Five Hundred photo from wikimedia

Pick the best solution for your situation

Cars don’t come for free. Consequently, you need to establish a clear budget for your vehicle. More importantly, you should be taking a close look at your finances. For instance, it can be difficult to apply for a car loan without a fast credit repair plan. Indeed, after Christmas, a lot of households struggle with credit card debts as a result of generous presents! Give yourself a couple of months to recover before looking for car financing options.

Drive safely photo from Pxhere

Improve your driving style

Are you a good driver? You’d be surprised to know that terrible drivers are not aware of their situation. In fact, if you find that your friends don’t like when you drive them around, or that other drivers are constantly beeping around you, it might be a sign that your behavior is dangerous on the road. As a general rule of the thumb, you want to improve your driving skills, as ultimately good drivers have fewer accidents and fewer insurance fees. Finally, it’s not a matter of only ensuring your safety on the road, but of saving money too.

Know your car and look after it

Without the appropriate maintenance, your car can accumulate mechanical and functional troubles. While this might sound obvious, too many drivers don’t take enough interest in their vehicle to look after it properly. They drive on low-pressure tyres without noticing, don’t change the oil regularly, or silence engine noises with the radio. It’s your responsibility as a driver to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. You don’t need to be a mechanics to know the basics of oil, fuel, tyres and brakes maintenance.

Improve your car maintenance skills photo from Staticflikcr

Where to start?

Finally, if you’re looking for the best second-hand options for parents and especially single parents, you need to take price, functionality and safety into consideration. The Honda Fit is an excellent option as it’s fuel-efficient and has a lot of cargo space. The Ford Five Hundred is also a fantastic model with its huge trunk, which is ideal for children travel equipment, its comfort, and its highway fuel-efficiency. However, you need to know that the car has a 19-mpg in town consumption, making it less efficient for small drives.

In short, choosing your new car is the last step of a long preparatory journey that questions your finances, your driving style and your car knowledge. It’s not about choosing wisely, but knowing yourself well!

Thankful 2017 and 2018 Goals!

Its my first personal blog post for year 2018. 2017 has been a good year for me and my family. Of course, problems come and go but that is life. I habe more reason to be  thankful of to our Almighty God especially for answering my prayer about the health of my mother. She was diagnosed  with kidney stone early last year. For some reason she opt not to undergo operation but instead take some medication at the same time drinking herbal medicine and young coconut juice. Before Christmas she complained of difficulty on peeing and she is also in pain. We did not bring her to hospital hoing she will be fine in no time. But we were wrong, a day after Christmas Nanay can not bear the pain any more so we opt to bring her to the hospital to have the operation. But the CT Scan result turns negative. The doctor believed Nanay peed the stone. The reason why she experienced difficulty in peeing. Truly, nothing is impossible when it comes to Him. You just have to trust and have faith in him.


Anyway, for 2018 I seriously want to be healthier.

Photo not mine

I saw this quote a while ago. And I believe its not too late to be healthy. For few years I have been trying to lose few kilos but no avail probably because I am not really serious and motivated to reach my ideal weight. Hence, I am not getting younger I figured I should start watching my health. Before the end of 2017 I started going to gym and start my diet. So far I already lose few kilos and I hope more kilos to lose in the next coming months.

Apart from being healthy I and my son want to try the saving challenge that we saw online. Its our first time so I am hoping for the best.

Doing More With Your Money

Picture Source Pexels

With a new year before you and the dust of Christmas settling in the rearview mirror, you might be looking at your bank account in dismay. However, that’s a good thing. This year, you can make the resolution to do more with your money. And that doesn’t mean you need to buy more junk. We’re all allowed the odd luxury now and then, of course, but you need to learn how to do something sensible with your finances. The advice in this article should help you on that quest.

Spend it well.

Spending money isn’t always a bad idea but there are good and bad ways to do it, of course. If you want to improve your personal finances then you need to learn how to track your expenditures on a regular basis so as to avoid reckless spending. Make a monthly budget for yourself in line with your earnings so that you can figure out how much money you have available. Deduct the cost of necessary expenditures before all else. Food, water, electricity, rent, petrol, and other unavoidable costs must be covered before you can consider luxuries. Once you’ve accounted for these things, the amount of money remaining is your disposable income. Stay in the green and you’ll never worry about having to accumulate debt to make ends meet.

Speaking of debt, however, it’s not always a bad idea to borrow money. It’s all about circumstance, at the end of the day. You should borrow money only if you know that you’ll be able to meet the repayments on time. But, sometimes, borrowing money is a necessity for the larger purchases in life. A loan for the initial deposit on a house, for example, is something that is unavoidable for many people. You could look into loans for bad credit if you’re worried that you might not have a good enough rating for the money you need, of course. Lenders are looking for trustworthy people but there are ways around that.

Invest it well.

As an additional piece of advice, you should be afraid to invest your money. We’ve just talked about the smart ways to avoid spending your money on luxuries and ensure that you’ve got enough disposable income left over as a comfortable cushion, but what do you do with that money? Sitting on your excess cash is no good to you so you should strive to multiply your wealth by investing in assets that could secure your future. You don’t have to get involved in stocks or bonds if that world confuses you but property is a good opportunity for people looking to earn an additional source of income. You could let out properties and earn an additional monthly sum to give you extra financial possibilities for the future.

Save it well.

Finally, you need to save your money well. The best thing you can do with your money this year is put it aside for your savings. If you set up a regular standing order that automatically transfers a portion of your earnings into a savings account then you never have to worry about wasting your excess cash again; you’ll know it’s all been sorted for you. And it’s good to have an emergency fund just in case an unexpected event arises for which you need a large sum of money.