Outing With Friends

Yey! Finally I and friends in back in college had fun yesterday. It’s unang hirit sa tag-init because we agreed to visit an island after a week. The plan of having summer escapade is long overdue. Our last outing is more than two years ago. I was not expecting that we will make it this year. For last two years we have been planning to go somewhere but for reason we always opt to move the plan of going somewhere. Well basically, its the financial problem that stop us.

Anyway, after planning our outing for a week we agreed to visit a newly open resort in Burauen Leyte. Camp Kawayan Resort started operating although it is not full operating yet. I mean, they are still constructing parts of the resort. If I am to rate the service 5 being the highest I will rate it 2.5 The reason- the water is on and off. No water when we are about to take our shower. My nephews need to close their eyes because the put soap on their faces in time when water stops. They waited for few minutes but to no avail. I opt to use the water we have to wash thier faces. With this I am not sure ifbwe going back there.  photo IMG_20160516_160610_zpsbzhvjbui.jpg

The good side is, the resort entrance is affordable compared to the resort in town. 😀

 photo IMG_20160516_142249_zpsklkfa1ur.jpg

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