Online Shopping Galore

As I have mentioned in my previous post this blog is my latest baby. Recently, I found out that having a lot of outbound links have an effect on getting the attention of Direct Advertisers. I know, I will have hard time fixing my older blogs with regard of outbound links but I aim to lessen them. As for this blog I will make sure to limit the outbound links to attract Direct Advertiser. Hopefully, I will succeed in this endeavor.

On the other hand, I am hooked to online shopping these past couple of weeks. I manage to reserve few items that could make a hole in my paypal next month. The items are in transit as of this typing. It is from the US so it would take a month or so to arrive in the country. Since I didn’t find any for the little one this time I will just wait for the next batch. The online store owner knows what I want for the little one. Hopefully he will have it in three months or so. For now, I shall start saving for my online shopping galore.

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