On Personalized WordPress Theme

I don’t know if you guys want your blog to have a personalized theme, but I do. Back then, I usually make my own personalized theme (blogger platform). But that was before when my desktop is working still.

Now, that I have three self-hosted blog (wordpress) I am searching an affordable personalized theme. Hopefully I can find a blog designer which offer affordable personalized wordpress theme. I already contacted someone, her price is good but unfortunately she is not accepting new order because she is planning to increase her price. Yay, I hope the new price is still okay to my budget so I can afford to order 3 wp theme for my wordpress blog to have a personalized get up.

On the lighter note, I haven’t started working on the blog traffic here. Hopefully, I will have more time for this blog next week since the little tot won’t be going to school, anymore.

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