On Online Scammer

I am not sure if you happen to receive an e-mail saying, you e-mail address just won in our recent draw and you won xx,xxx,xxx.xx in dollars. Or this, you won a lottery amounting to xxx,xxx,xxx.xx. Imagine having a twelve figures amount of money in dollars without doing anything. If I am to get a price even if it’s only 10 figures I am quite sure it will be bring to place and I can start up the business I have been thinking of. But then, again, only if it is legit because the e-mail I have been receiving that I won in some draws and lottery countless of times is just a scam.

I know scammer has a lot of ways to lure people for them to get some money. Gladly I haven’t been a victim of this scammer and I will never be victim for I know I will not win to any draw without joining or buying tickets.

Just recently, I have been receiving an e-mail from one of the bank in my county. I immediately know it was a scam because I don’t have any account from this bank and I don’t remember opening an account with them before. Below is the message I got from the bank I am talking about this morning.

Dear RCBC Customer,

We have activated the NEW ( RCBC (11010) Security ). Due to increased security problem, we have increased the level of our online security. Your Account was disabled for verification.

You are required to re-activate your RCBC Account now to avoid suspension.

Activate Now >>>>>>> http://www.rcbc-0c-accessone.com/RCBC00/rcbc.htm >>>>>>>

Thank you.


I wonder if RCBC is aware of this letter that circulating in the world wide web. Have you receive any scam message in your inbox?

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